Experienced Home Builder and Remodeling Contractor Offering Pre-Construction Consultations and Expert Witness Testimony For Construction Projects in New Jersey. 

DM Bekus Construction Services is owned and operated by David M. Bekus, a professional construction contractor with over 30 years of experience.  As a licensed building inspector,

David is a licensed Building inspector (RCS, ICS and HHS) and is also a licensed new home builder and remodeling contractor in the state of New Jersey.

David has certifications for project management, cost estimating, construction methods and safety.  This formal education combined with many years of field experience has qualified David to be recognized as an expert witness for construction related cases in NJ superior court. His expert witness testimony has been used in multiple States

Serving as an expert witness on a variety of construction related cases revealed an opportunity for a valuable service for homeowners that could help them avoid many of these issues.

Are you looking at building a new home? How about gutting and rebuilding an existing home that was damaged or in need of repair?  Are you worried you're going to pay too much? Or that work isn't being completed as promised? Or on time?

DM Bekus Construction offers pre-construction consultations for homeowners who are about to spend large amounts of money building, rebuilding or remodeling their home. DM Bekus has often been hired to assist and help protect the homeowner during the construction process.

Problems With Your Builder?  Is It The Quality Of The Work Or Other Issues?  We Provide Expert Witness Services For Construction.

There are a multitude of reasons why a home building or remodeling project can go south, and these are usually very expensive and costly for all parties involved.

DM Bekus Construction can provide an, 3rd party opinion on any type of residential construction project.

Expert Construction Witness - Undisclosed Damage

Construction Litigation Location:  NJ Shore

A midsize home builder sold a home that was previously flooded by damage caused by vandals. Upon the sale of the new home the builder allegedly did not disclose the damage and its extent to the buyers. DM Bekus was retained to document the damage to the home, describe proper procedures to prevent future mold growth and proper repairs, and provide expert opinion on the condition of the home. A cost estimate for repairs was provided along with discussion of the reduced value of the home due to the flooding.

Expert Construction Witness - Incorrectly Installed Materials

Construction Litigation Location: Mountain lakes NJ

A million-dollar + home allegedly had the cultured stone installed incorrectly, some stones had fallen off, and the home owner became concerned. By documenting the installation practices and then using the building code and specific manufactures instructions the expert report clearly showed substandard installation practices and that the stone would have to be removed in its entirety and replaced.

Expert Construction Witness - Kitchen Remodeling Problems

Construction Litigation Location: Hamilton NJ

A homeowner contracted with Lowes to replace a kitchen and was not happy with the outcome. Both Lowes and the homeowner (and their attorneys) agreed to use an expert report by DM Bekus to ascertain what should be replaced, repaired or was acceptable.  DM Bekus used the New Home Performance Guide lines, industry standards and over 35 years of experience to help create an equitable outcome.

Expert Construction Witness - Common Problems

Location:  Multiple in NJ

A home owner hires a contractor, often a contractor with a good track record, and the work is substandard. The relationship between the home owner and the contractor sours and then the homeowner is seeking compensation for needed repairs or completion. DM Bekus provides expert opinion, using well illustrated reports and citing the building code, manufacturer’s instructions and often the contractors own contract to document errors and deficiencies, not following manufactures instructions and workmanship not up to industry standards.   Roofs, framing, ceramic tile, basements, sheetrock and concrete work are all common areas were errors are made. In most cases, a review of the contractors Home improvement license is done and any omissions and violations are flagged for attorney review.

Expert Construction Witness - Town Home Development

Location: Tinton Falls NJ

DM Bekus was retained by attorneys for an upscale town home development to review and opine on a previous Engineers report with issues on the installation of the roof and pavers. After a site visit and investigation, it was determined that systematic errors occurred in the roof installation of all units. Specifically: improper ice dam installation, improper roof/wall transitions, improper (and lack of) valley flashing.

The paver installation errors were found to be indicative of improper sub base preparation and compaction, improper pitching of pavers for drainage, unsafe transitions at curbs and concrete walks.

Avoid Home Building & Remodeling Problems Before They Happen

It's unfortunate that many homeowners are taken advantage of when it comes to large projects such as a remodel or a gut and rebuild.  When hurricane Sandy ripped through it left a path of devastation that still continues for home and property owners to this day.

DM Bekus provides pre-construction services for home owners and investors looking to build, remodel or gut and rebuild homes that have been damaged by hurricane Sandy or other reasons.

Our Pre-Construction services are comprehensive assessments of your project, it's feasibility, a realistic budget and any other concerns that might arise during a project.  We aim to save you hassles, headaches and hopefully a lot of money.