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Custom Home Builder in Central New Jersey

DM Bekus Construction is a custom home builder serving the NJ Shore and Central New Jersey.  We’ve been helping residents design and build their  homes for almost 30 years.  Building your own custom home in New Jersey is a great way to get a house that will meet you and your families needs, or forgo  the stress of renovations.

We are building homes at the NJ shore now, succesfully navigating the permit and construction process.

Building a new home, your  home is nothing to take lightly…  This is likely going to be one of (if not THE) largest purchase you’ll ever make in your life.   DM Bekus Construction offers you the peace of mind, of dealing with a local business who specializes in constructing new homes for New Jersey families that will help you maximize your property or city lot and get the most value per square foot.

We couldn’t possibly list everything you’re going to need to know about building a custom home on our website, but we can definitely come out to your potential building site or property and have a look with you and offer up our expertise and advice.  This helps you get a rough idea of the scope of the project and if we move into the proposal phase a very clear idea on time and costs.

New Construction Projects We Can Complete:

  • New Home Construction
  • New Shops & Garages
  • Small Offices
  • & More!

Dave Bekus On Custom Homes:

The American Dreams includes a home. Thomas Jefferson built a world around Monticello. George Washington escaped from the burdens of public life at Mt. Vernon. The Greeks, the Romans-particularly, reveled in construction. Winston Churchill thought his life incomplete without Chartwell-a home he used his own hands to construct parts of. ‘Home and hearth, coming home, home sweet home’; these phrases have meaning because of the chord they strike within us. If you’re building your own home you are in excellent company and should treat the project with a measure of reverence.

The production homes of today are designed for any person. We respond to the new and the open and what we think what our friends and neighbors think; taken by the newness and openness. As if newness and openness are the beginning and end of architecture. The suburban buildings of today are an everyman house. And every subsequent owner will never think twice about who owned it before. But a building that was constructed by a personality will tell a story to everyone who enters it.  Architecture should take a person on a journey, you should find yourself asking ‘why did the architect do this –why is it this way’ or you have a feeling the building connects you to something larger, the same questions when you walk through a forest and wonder about creation.

The above is not say a production home cannot seek the higher aspirations of a ‘home’. Builders can bring you the materials and structure of a house and the owners can turn a house into a home. It only requires a bit of personality, a sense of proportion, good design, and the means to do it. A simple stone building set in the woods with the proper proportion can summon the same admiration as grand architectural details. Expectations, hopes and dreams can all be realized under the roof and next to the hearth of a home.