Construction Project Management in Central New Jersey

When it comes to managing a remodeling or construction project many homeowners think they can do it themselves (it usually overwhelms them with stress!).  Others will believe their hired home improvement contractor and have faith that he really does know what he’s doing.  In an industry with many professionals, the latter is usually correct.  There are many great building and remodeling contractors throughout New Jersey.  But what do you do if you’ve hired the wrong one and you don’t find out until something goes sideways with your project?

DM Bekus Construction has over 30 years of Construction and Remodeling experience within the state of New Jersey.  Through years of experience building and remodeling homes we were able to streamline our processes and management experience into a system that other contractors try and emulate.  We are able to see a project right through the design phase, site preparation, construction and finishing while meeting timelines and pre-determined goals.  Keeping your project on track keeps you happy, you know the work is being done, you can see the efforts are being made and you know the final product will be worth it.

That’s our goal at DM Bekus Construction.  We want you to be over-the-top-happy with any aspect of any project we are involved with.  In many cases the homeowner we are about to work with is already apprehensive about dealing with another builder and we understand that.  We professionals, we’ve been helping homeowners improve their homes for 30 years.  We can help you to0.

Construction Management Services We Offer:

  • Home Remodeling Projects  Design/Build
  • Complex Construction Problem Solving
  • New Home Construction Design/Build/Project Management
  • Townhome Construction Design/Build/Project Management

Diagnose Construction Problems in Residential Construction

  • Many homeowners have various problems, with contractors, work completed or other questions, We  provide reliable advice, direct owners to competent contractors and design professionals.
  • As home inspectors proliferate, many home sales are held up because of erroneous inspection reports or buyers seeking costly adjustments to the selling  price. We can clarify the findings and have in many cases refuted poorly done inspection reports. Saving sales and money for owners and real-estate agents.
  • Inspect work after completion for conformity to normal construction standards, specifications and provide an independent analysis of items or projects that may be of concern to the purchaser/owner or others.

Provide Independent Analysis of Conflicts Between Owners and Contractors.
Provide Expert Witness Services.

  • All to often workmanship is not up to expectations, we can quickly evaluate the performance of on going or completed projects. We will provide clear and concise written reports, that can be presented to the contractor, or if need be, used in litigation. Expert witness services are  available.
  • Provide periodic inspections of ongoing work. Catching  problems before they are built in.

Review Residential Construction Specifications and Plans for the Construction of New Homes & Alterations.

  • New home buyers are investing hundreds of thousands of dollars on probably the biggest investment of their lives. Inspections by our company generally exceed that which the town inspectors do. This service is particularly valuable for those having custom homes built.
  • The best time to catch problems is before construction starts. Let us review your plans and contract (It is not unusual to find the 2 documents in conflict on several items). We can identify trouble spots before a shovel is put in the ground. Plus it puts the builder on notice that he is dealing with a knowledgeable consumer.